Blue dogs and blue underwear

It’s Election Day; it’s raining today. At 6am I walked the 300 feet to my polling place. I left the house with my newly minted Louisiana ID in one hand and a good cup of coffee in the other. I wore blue underwear.

Normally I’d say, “It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just vote.” I haven’t said that this go-round.

I’m not the “bleeding-heart liberal” some of my loved ones make me out to be. I’m not a “passive Democrat” as others would consider me. I don’t believe my country owes me much more than safety, infrastructure, and opportunity. Hells yes to the opportunity of choice.

I wanted to vote with my heart today. There’s a woman running for President! I really, really, really wanted to vote with my heart today. Today I voted with my conscious.

Today I wore blue underwear.

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