This is about Crossfit Bootycamp, HEAT and all other things that bend my body.

Recently I’ve been in a rather strange regiment of CrossFit Bootycamp three mornings a week, spinning classes at the downtown YMCA,  twice weekly yoga sessions at CrossFit Invoke, and runnimg sessions with my Team in Training group. I might have issues.

Getting my ass kicked at Bootycamp at 6a makes me invigorated, energized, and a little elitist. It’s nice knowing that I’ve done more before the day actually begins than most people do all day. Spinning grounds me and makes my legs look banging in a short dress. Yoga centers me. And the running? The running literally pushes me beyond my boundaries. We will call it balance “Sarah-style”.

For fun we throw in some whitewater rafting, ziplining, hikes in the 100-degree heat, and some charitable mud runs. It’s good to get dirty for the right cause.

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