Well before we officially met, Jason was already touting the benefits of this crazy lifestyle known as CrossFit and Paleo. Although it would be well into our second year together before I attempted CrossFit, I eagerly adopted Paleo pretty early on.

It’s now my eating plan of choice, my food passion, and my purest source of energy. Together Jason and I seek creative and easy ways to source local and REAL food in our markets, our restaurants, and our grocery stores. We also derive great entertainment by cooking together and by introducing our friends to our lifestyle. From simple daily meals to elaborate dinner parties, we can always MAKE IT PALEO.

So why go through the challenge of overhauling your pantry and your misguided love affair with food? Motivation is different for everyone, but this is why I got started and why I never consider it a “diet” or a trend. It is truly a lifestyle.

  • It’s all REAL food, from natural sources, without any preservatives, additives, or processing. We don’t yet know the long-term effects of the crap that’s put in most food, and I’d prefer not to put it in my one body.
  • It connects us to our local farmers and providers. Talk to the people that grow and raise your food, and you’ll find excited people militant about doing the right thing by their community. This is a mutual way of giving back.
  • My energy is stable and usually through the roof. I don’t ebb and flow throughout the day, and my head stays clear.
  • I recover faster from workouts. This partners well with CrossFit, marathons, tris, or any other endurance sport.
  • It bonds us like-minded people together. We challenge each other to stay true to the course and we guide one another through options and alternatives.
  • We aren’t supporting the fast food industries, the boxed meals, the frozen TV dinners, the chain restaurants, and the numerous other bad food providers that aid in creating heart disease and obese children.
  • We get to be creative with food! There is great entertainment in attempting to recreate a favorite pre-Paleo food, and discovering that you like the new version better!

Here I will post from my favorite recipe and Paleo-source blogs and websites. If you are interested in learning more, please let me know!

In the meantime, here’s some great ways to get started.


The Whole30 Program

3 responses to “Paleo”

  1. interesting … i wouldn’t know what to do with ‘energy thru’ the roof’ ! and either later in THIS but definitely future life, i just have to adhere (stringently) to something like this … (thanx)

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