Pretty Me

New Year means new edits!

I am, and remain, Sarah Stealey Reed. (I assumed that first moniker at birth, the second with the practice husband in 1994, and the final in February 2013 when I married the love of my life.) My hot husband and I are finally settling in to this place called Norfolk, Virgina. While this isn’t our permanent home, we have found bliss in our first house together and a beach neighborhood surrounded by amazing friends and neighbors. Since I work from home as a writer, speaker and social addict, I can just keep ‘picking up and putting down’ where the military tells me. My hot man Jason, our beast known as Iona – a bitchy, rescued, purebred Pembroke Corgi, and the newly added Max – the also rescued, and famously crazy sharpei-mix just keep me laughing, loving, and looking forward to what’s next in this journey.


While I originally hail from Greenville, Wisconsin, I’ve lived all over the place…Madison, Austin, Los Angeles, Manila, Raleigh, and Wilmington, North Carolina to name a few…and now this beach community in Hampton Roads. Recently we left our love affair with the state of North Carolina, but will continue to harbor longings for those that we left.

My dear family all still live in Wisconsin and while there are too many of them to name in this little space, they all have a place in my heart. I wish we lived closer, but the hinterland is too cold and too North for this solar-powered girl to handle. Therefore, they must eventually succumb and move to me 🙂

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