Waiting for Rain

My dear friend Rain will be here tomorrow! I am terribly excited because she lives in Manila and I haven’t seen her since I left there in May. I credit her as one of the people that kept me sane while I was in the Philippines. Michael has been hearing about her for ages, so I know he’s interested in learning what all the fuss is about. Here is a primer on Rain:

  • She is the littlest person I know. Even in a country like the Philippines, she is super small.
  • We look delightfully ridiculous together. She is my complete physical opposite.
  • She can drink A LOT of wine. This is doubly impressive considering her size.
  • Her boyfriend Alex owns a great little bar in the Legaspi Village area of Makati City. If you are ever in Manila, you should check out Cyrano and tell the owner the tall blonde American sent you. Some of my great Manila moments happened in that bar. Particularly the morning that Alex stayed awake all night to host Rain and I at 8am (after she and I got off work). He kept the security doors closed to block out all the sun so that we could pretend it was night and that we were normal people. We spent the morning talking and laughing and drinking. We staggered out into the daylight about 5 hours later and Alex thankfully drove me back to my condo.
  • She is a great travel partner. We had a great weekend in Bangkok and I have always regretted that we didn’t get to experience Baguio together.
  • Breakfast with Rain and Alex is always a treat. Whether it is at 7am at Apartment 1B or 3am at the weird Indian place off Burgos.
  • She is my “secret friend”. In the Chinese zodiac, each sign has allies, and her Ox is the secret friend to my Rat. We thought that was fabulously ironic as we were great friends well before most people realized it.
  • Some day she’ll stop smoking and I hope to be partially responsible for it.
  • She is one of the laziest people I have ever met, yet somehow manages to make this an advantage and be a highly productive person.

Rain will be here tomorrow! She has never been to North Carolina and isn’t exactly fond of dogs. Since she and Iona are roughly the same height, this could be very interesting. Iona doesn’t typically care for small children so I hope she doesn’t get confused and just bite Rain out of principle.

As an aside, Iona is presently sitting on my Blackberry. If her ass calls you today, I apologize in advance.

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