What’s in my ROADTRIP handbag: Milk thistle, cortisol, blue-green algae, Logan’s summer reading book – Number the Stars, dog treats, a pack of gum, Raspberry Duo, invoice from the Norfolk Founders Inn, my iPhone with insurmountable Evernote lists, running headphones with back-up earbuds, my Nike running sunglasses, the most recent Hampton Roads magazine, Chanel lip gloss, Kiehls hand lotion, my Louis Vuitton peacock wallet, a bottle of water, Nuun nutrition tablets, a Lara bar – Cherry Pie, bobby pins, crumpled random cash, and several slips of paper with reminders scribbled on them – printer toner SKUs, Norfolk and VA Beach gym addresses, and furniture store recommendations.

What’s playing on Sirius Radio: Alt Nation, BPM, and NPR Now

What’s next to me in the Audi A3: The handsome husband. In the backseat is the Iona Pig who is laying on her fleece bed and unable to take her old lady eyes off her current obsession: the 10-year-old stepson who is behaving, watching movies on Jason’s Kindle HD, and propped up next to the beast.

What’s on my body on the way there: A tight black sleeveless neoprene dress from Title9 accompanied by Born wedges, Gilt gold bracelets, my wedding band and that gorgeous yellow diamond engagement ring.

What’s on my body on the way home: Eileen Fisher black cropped pants and overlay, orange Nike tank, Born t-straps, and of course my bling.

What’s on my brain: The new house. Furniture configuration, the cost of plantation shutters, paint colors, and the ridiculous insatiable desire to pull out brand new freaking carpets upstairs and replace with hardwoods.

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