What’s in my handbag: Significantly less than the last flight – I’ve either purged, re-purposed or repacked. iPhone, three tubes of lipstick/lip gloss, many receipts from airports or the MGM Grand Detroit, gold Gucci sunglasses, two sets of headphones – running and conference calls, my iPhone running armband, key to our new house, Luis Vuitton peacock wallet (my blue from our wedding), $1.00 in crumpled cash, boarding passes, my I Love My Stuff bag filled with Sharpie pens, highlighters and new contact business cards.

What’s in my backpack: My 8 pounds of current and past research projects has grown to 10, hairbrush, ziploc with far fewer Starbucks Via Italian Roast coffee packets, Amazing Grass Green Superfood and Nuun, my computer mouse, business cards, laptop with charger, a green mesh travel bag filled with random things – a checkbook, an iPhone charger, gold bangles that set off TSA screening, an iPhone battery extender, my toothbrush, and a belt (this actually confuses me), a denim Tommy Hilfiger jacket, the September issue of the Harvard Business Review, the current Scientific American because it is the Special Food Issue, and my purple Marc Jacobs makeup bag.

What’s playing on my iPhone: New things gleaned from NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast – Dessa, Natalie Maines and Volcano Choir.

What’s next to me in 2C: I don’t yet know. For once I am crafting this before I hop on a plane. Airport bars have purpose.

What’s on my body: Tory Burch tan military shirt-dress with big silver snaps (perhaps a size too small as I might not be able to deeply breathe), long tan socks, tan suede slouchy boots (because they take up too much room in the suitcase), tattoos, chains that don’t upset security, unmentionables and my bling.

What’s on my brain: Family, family, family. Diva Chris and Party Gary, Siblings. Maddox. JASON! My fabulous husband is braving the parentals without me for 4 hours…all three of them are awesome.

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