A giddy, giddy girl

Today I am the happiest girl. I found a great flight, at a great rate to Wisconsin over Halloween. If you don’t know…Halloween is THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER. Coupled with a family that I adore and miss, I am ecstatic about going home. It is also the birthday week of two of my best friends…Anne and Brandi…HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY.

And then, if the week couldn’t get better, one of my favorite people in the world (and with me I really mean WORLD), is coming to visit in November. My dear, dear friend Amy is coming out for a long weekend and I am already giddy. Amy couldn’t care less about sleeping on an air mattress in a guest room with no furniture and boxes as decor. She is fine with sitting on secondhand sofas, as long as there is a wine glass in one hand and a corgi to pet in another. She was my sanity for so many LA days, so I can’t wait to have her here. November is setting up to be a glorious month.

To celebrate my happiness, I share the Running of the Iona. Our nine year-old city girl is experiencing life as a momentary free off-leash dog for the first time ever. Sure, she’s had backyards to run in…but NEVER a giant baseball field. Here is our corgi acting as the happiest puppy ever. I can relate to that. I too believe in the power of the “Run as Fast as You Can, As Far as You Can, For Absolutely No Reason”. Let’s run, puppy.

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