The Beast

Our big cast iron clawfoot tub has taken a little field trip. Basically, the Beast has left the building. Michael found a local guy who makes his living restoring these old tubs and he took it back to his shop about a week ago. We had initially considered doing this ourselves, but all the DIY blogs and sites strongly recommended that one leave this particular project to the people who know what they are doing. Something about sandblasting and hardcore stripping chemicals. Danger! Danger!
The hall bathroom is currently a complete shell, but we do have a vision. Again with that damn vision. That’s what got us here to begin with. EVENTUALLY, the walls will be painted a bright green to complement the white of the wainscoting and the plumbing fixtures. Bronze hardware to offset. And the Beast. He will have bright white feet, a calmer white interior and be Austin Healey Green on the outside. I am so excited. Here comes giddy.

We’ve been getting progress reports on the Beast and here are a few. Metal drying, base coat and primer. All this love and attention…he may never want to come home.

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