Holidays with the Iona Pig

Despite traveling over 2000 miles by car, sleeping in two hotels and two strange houses, temporarily living with two other dogs, having to pee in the snow, and being surrounded by lots of new small people, Iona handled her Christmas adventure surprisingly well.

With all the time she’s spent in my car this year, she’s adapted nicely to napping while in motion.

Her snow face. She looked this way every time we told her to go outside and pee. Seriously? Out there? Where’s the grass?

Learning to share was the theme of the season. I think my Mom and Michael often felt like they were channeling the Dog Whisperer. Lexi only attacked Iona twice…once she definitely deserved it. Luca on the other hand is probably very grateful he gets his ENTIRE couch back.

Iona went running off the front porch on Christmas morning, only to discover the snow was higher than she was. Fortunately my dad was there to rescue her!

Our godson Will thought Iona needed a glass of water on Christmas. The best part was that she immediately started drinking from it. I guess all those years of stealing wine from people’s glasses has paid off.

My favorite Christmas portrait – Michael and Iona, and Elizabeth and Luca. I still claim that Elizabeth and Iona are actually twins trapped in very different bodies. “I love you; I bite you. I love you; I bite you.”

Thanks to everyone for letting her participate in Christmas. The grumpy quake pig appreciated not spending the holidays with the cats and a pet sitter. She was also grateful that Lexi the Black Lab didn’t cause a trip to the vet. She feels she’s been there enough this year. Happy Holidays!

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