What? No tub in the living room?

Shocking I know…but we made a few changes in the living room. This space was originally a bedroom which we thought was stupid. So we knocked down a couple walls, removed the plaster and fake brick around the fireplace, painstakingly pulled up the manufactured wood floor that was over the original heart pine (why people, WHY???), removed the door, replaced the horrible fixtures, and painted the wainscoting a different color than the walls. Someone REALLY had a nasty little thing for beige.

We basically did all the work in this room by ourselves, including the wall removal. That is a task that I hope Michael never has to repeat. It was simply dirty and horrible. When they built those walls they were not intending for them to EVER come down. The only work that we hired out in here was the plastering to fix some of the holes that we created and to build the crawlspace to the attic. We still have to replace the moldings near the ceiling, finish the fireplace mantle, and complete some other trim work, but it is coming together beautifully.

Another shock, but we finally replaced the clawfoot tub that was being stored in the living room with furniture. The difference it made was amazing. Who knew? The room is now bright and vibrant and runs seamlessly into the dining room and kitchen. I look at the pictures and can’t believe this is the same house.

The only thing I regret is that we removed two closets along with the walls. That is making me get awfully creative about storage. It is also feeding my need to throw things out, which is not exactly pleasing Michael. It is just good for me that he doesn’t remember everything he once had. His short memory is finally working in my favor.

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