Sweet dreams

Elizabeth was here this weekend, which means that we survived our first sleepover! It actually worked pretty well considering that we chopped our House down to a one-bedroom. It also helped that I was so damn happy to see her that it didn’t matter if things were out of place or a little crowded. I loved every minute of it.

Our bedroom is one room that really didn’t need a whole lot done to it. Other than repairing that big hole in the ceiling, that is. We had a non-active leak so a big chunk of the plaster had to be pulled out until it could dry. That was a bit challenging as the roof was also being replaced and it insisted on raining. Great combination.

Other than the ceiling, the room was undamaged and just dull. New lighting, fabulous paint and the most amazing curtains did wonders. And of course the entrance of our KICK-ASS-BED. God I have missed this thing. It is so gigantic and worth all the space it consumes.

The one thing this room lacks is a closet! I think we’ve made due, but Michael is going to have to stay neat or he will have a hostile wife. This alone will make me desperate for the addition and my master closet. Oh the love.

Eventually this room will be the library and the master bedroom will be at the back of the House. In the meantime it must act as office/bedroom/closet/my place to watch TV. Just a room with a schizo attitude, and one hell of a good bed.

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