Bald is Beautiful!

Iona has always been a pretty dog. She hears it all the time, and she believes it. This dog has an ego and makes no apologies about it. When strangers stop and tell her that she’s pretty, she is more than willing to pose and smile as long as those compliments keep coming. Stop saying nice things and she is just as likely to bite you as walk away.

Pretty girl now looks like she tangled with a sharp set of garden shears. Her incision is much bigger than I expected it to be. Truthfully though, it could wrap around her entire body if that’s how they needed to get the tumor out.

She still seems a little shell-shocked with the whole thing, and I am sure she is going to be pissed when she realizes all the fur that is missing. “Bald neck? Check. Bald belly? Check. Bald leg? Check…wait, what the hell happened? I have THREE bald legs? Were you people blind, or just stupid?”

I have to admit that the back legs make me giggle a bit. They were both shaved around the ankles for the IV, so the fur is still intact on her feet and haunches. She looks like she is wearing culottes. I am fairly certain those are currently not in fashion.

At the moment the Pig is sleeping under my desk. I am quite envious because she was up at 2a pacing, 3a to go outside, then again before 5a for her pain meds. I can’t be too judgemental because the poor thing definitely needs her beauty rest.