So what’s been up with us? Here’s a little peek inside our little world here in Raleigh.

We always seem to be watching shows like Bones or CSI over dinner. Just this moment there is a gooey head on the screen while I am enjoying my food. That seems really jacked up, but somehow apropos.

Michael is being really nice to me lately. i expect that it has something to do with the fact that my birthday is in 12 days. Perhaps he thinks that if he is good from now until then, I won’t be so bothered when he doesn’t remember my birthday. Last Sunday he built me a brick pad linking the street to the sidewalk, because he didn’t like seeing me sink into the grass with my heels every morning. I thought that was quite cavalier. He also purchased the wood to finish the shelves around the fireplace and the picture rail replacement pieces. I swear that I haven’t even been bitching.

Iona is doing well, except that her barker is still broken and she seems to be getting fat again. I am certain the fat is a combination of surgery aftermath and the introduction of the buggy. She loves riding everywhere now and I need to get better about also letting her walk around the block. She’s just so slow. No excuse. It’s taken us years to get her to this weight, so we can’t blow it now.

Speaking of weight, we are trying to curb ours. Michael is at the gym almost every evening and Iona and I are on a walking/running kick. This is all part of the summer known as “Gettin‘ it Done”. Must get healthy. Must get organized. Must save more money to build more rooms. Rooms with closets.

On the organization side, I have found two things that are making me happy. I discovered this software program that uses the camera from my MacBook to scan in all my books. It recognizes limited editions and let’s me mark those that are lettered, numbered and signed. So far I’ve inputted 190 and I’m excited to get to the other 800 or so that are in storage. As soon as my shelves are built, that is. I also found a program that manages all my recipes well. The plan is to finally get rid of all the scraps of paper and magazine tears. Chaos makes me hurt.

I’ve started this funny domestic trend that is really working for us. I cook like a fiend on Sundays so that we have food for the week. I chop tons of vegetables, prepare casseroles or soups, and have Michael grill several pounds of chicken. It is fantastic to have good food just ready throughout the week for lunch or dinner. Keeps the bad stuff at bay and helps with that whole fat reduction thing.

The summer of “Gettin’ it Done”. We’ll see how well we keep up when the weather turns hot, the humidity is high and the mosquitos threaten to eat me alive.

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