Keeping with the Instability

Nothing in my life is stable right now. The past several months have turned just about everything in my previous existence upside down, turned around, and flipped inside out. I like control, I like order.

For those that know and love me, you can appreciate how this is making me a little spastic. But there is something EVEN MORE FRIGHTENING! Although I am getting better about expressing the wack-job-ness that infests my body, I am also somewhat concerned that the panic might actually be dulling down.

It is not that things have stopped changing. On the contrary, my life continues to be in flux. And surprisingly, I think a lot of the change is positive. I feel like a different person, I look like a different person and I am thinking like a different person. Hopefully that is good for those that are important to me. This change could be life-changing.

On a materialistic side, I gave up another piece of my stability last
night. The lease on the Touareg was actually up a month ago, but they let me keep it 30 days longer. My expectation was that I would have found another vehicle in that time. Ummm…not so much. A tad distracted with other changes and this took a back seat. Soooo….I am presently driving a kick-ass piece of junk Toyota rental car. The only think NOT manual on this thing is the transmission, which of course is the only thing that should be. Whatever. It is cheap and I am throwing people completely off.

I had the Touareg for four years, so there was stability in my tank. I knew what to expect every time I hopped in.
And like all things, the Touareg comes with stories and for that I will miss it. I bought it on a whim during one of Elizabeth’s trips to California. One of our first journeys with it was to a Dave Matthews’ Band concert. It took Michael and I back and forth to Lake Arrowhead safely many, many times. I received my one and only CA speeding ticket in this vehicle…and rightly so. It was never in a accident and never left me stranded. The Touareg was Iona’s chariot across the country to North Carolina, and was thus named after her.

My friend Rob helped me drop her off and there is a story there for another time. The short of it is that he made sure my back IONA plate was removed and also that my front California was back in my possession. He did this without complaining and IN THE RAIN. Thank you Rob.

Naked car. No longer mine. Yet one more bittersweet moment in my 2009.

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