Will You Marry Me?

Is it perfect in our little hell? Are you dancing, or stumbling beside me?

Surrounded (Or Spiraling) ~ Silversun Pickups

I’m engaged. No, WE’RE engaged. It’s out there. All the necessary people are in the know now. Parents, saviors, friends, favorite siblings, family, beloved child, corgi, ex-husband, and ex-wife. All are in the know. Good. Now we move forward.

This is the man I was meant to marry, and marry him I shall. In pure simplicity he asked me to marry him on a park bench. In pure “us” that park bench just happened to be on the Italian coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea in a lovely town known as Amalfi. In pure awesomeness the ring placed upon my finger is of bright glorious yellow diamond light. In pure Jason, it’s freaking huge, spectacular, and like no other. Karma says the golden light will protect and serve. Karma says fuck you to all that said we couldn’t.

To Jason I said yes. To Jason I will say yes. Yes, to us. Yes, to this. Yes, to the most amazing, incredible, delirious, spontaneous, magical, messy, imperfect, perfect little hell. Yes my love, I am stumbling and dancing beside you. Stumbling and dancing from this day forward. Stumbling and dancing beside you, forever.

Father. Smith. Warrior. Mother. Maiden. Crone. Stranger. I am his and he is mine,  from this day, till the end of my days.