Where Did I Run To?

      It’s the official kickoff to the Throwback Thursday reblog! 2011 was a very trying year for me…probably the second hardest of my adult life. (The first being 2009 when my reality went BOOM!) My confusion with the year is evidenced in the fact that I only wrote 10 times in 12 months. I was delighted though, to find that the solitary post of May 2011 was not about my birthday, or Jason’s birthday…it was about the LLS and the “Man & Woman of the Year” gala.

This Saturday will be the culmination for THIS YEAR’s rockstar crop of charitable candidates in Raleigh, NC. You all have my respect, blessing, and appreciation. Enjoy your night and the knowledge of all the good you have done. We are disheartened to miss this event, but know that Emily will keep you all in good form. xoxo

The Badass Unicorn

I did the disappearing act again and feel that it is worthy of an explanation. Where the heck have I been for the past 5 weeks? Halfway through a major freaking fundraising campaign for one. But that’s not even the half of it, and as of this weekend it will be time for me to slow my roll down for a bit. This means that for the next few months this girl will be running for her health and for her sanity, and not for cash and notoriety.

Over coffee last Sunday morning, Jason looked at my weary frame and reminded me why I was feeling a little deflated. I had just come off a flurry of amazing activities that had literally zapped the energy out of me. Over the course of the past few months we had launched a huge new initiative at work and partnered with an company…

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