Anything Worth Having

I had this crazy idea
Somehow we cruise to the end
Change lives and everything precious
And I guess we’ll just begin again
I hope you know you’re my best friend

~ The Shins: So Now What

He energizes me. He awakens me. He sets me right and guides the course.

I saw the husband this weekend and all felt right with the world. We are relearning this long-distance relationship thing again, and this time we will do it right. Once upon a time we did this and we were social equals; a year-and-a-half of marriage in and we are equals on all levels.

Challenge me, fight me, will me, seduce me. Entertain me, study me, educate me, school me.

I cried when I first saw him because it felt like something missing was restored. I didn’t cry when I left because I felt whole and ready. I felt nervous upon seeing him because it felt new and adventurous. I wasn’t nervous upon leaving because I trust and remain expectant. And when these things don’t creep in and creep up? We will talk. We will discuss. We will re-evaluate.

Until such time? We relish. We invade. We conquer. We live supreme.


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