Channeling my mother

Today was a long, long day and I was dealing with a tad bit of internal hostility. It was aimed at no one in particular, but was boiling nonetheless. On my way home I cranked the radio and immediately longed for KROQ in LA. There is nothing even comparable here and that makes me sad. Michael has XM so he doesn’t feel my pain at all. In the mornings I am fine with NPR, but I require something a bit more volatile after hours to even myself out. There are a couple decent rock stations, but they have a horrible tendency to intermix real music with country and pop crap. But then…a glimmer of hope!

“This next one will help alleviate your angst tonight”, says the DJ. “This is the perfect driving song that will get you moving and will make you right again”. My faith in this station is momentarily renewed. Driving – YES. Angst – YES. Need for calm – YES. Thank you, thank you. And then SHE comes on the radio. Instead of something raging like Green Day or the Offspring. Instead of something quirky like Sarah Borges or Duffy. Instead of almost ANYTHING else or anyone else, that stupid DJ is referring to Miley Cyrus and her idiotic yet painfully catching song “7 Things I Hate About You”. Oh yes, I can name a hell of a lot more than seven at this moment. I am not some silly 12-year old needing to get over my crush on the Jonas Brothers. I shouldn’t even know who Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers are! Oh for freaking sakes that song is in my head.

So now I am headed to the market more annoyed than ever and that is not a proper recipe for success. I had full intentions of an actual shopping trip and instead grabbed enough food for dinner and things to alleviate my immediate vices. And here is where I channeled my mother. I didn’t even make it through the parking lot before I ripped the bag of Twizzlers open and consumed two pieces. Feeling a little better. The bag rode next to me during the 5 minute drive home and I probably ate 5 more. Two more putting the groceries away and now I am sane again. I even considered hiding the bag from Michael so that I didn’t have to share. My mother would be proud. A woman always needs to have her own emergency money, a place to run, and a stash of sweets.

In order to balance the universe I threw out an almost new, slightly used Ziploc bag instead of rinsing it out and reusing. I then took everything out of the fridge that might expire in the next two days and tossed that. And just for good measure, I found a perfectly good yogurt and threw out that too.

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