Expanding my horizons

One of the reasons I love having house guests is that we are given license to do things that are not part of our normal routine. We try new restaurants, check out the sites, and travel around the area. I like being a tour guide; I love exploring. It’s inevitable that we get to have new experiences, and even the bad ones are usually worth it. So far on this trip I’ve been to A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, The Furniture Mart in Hickory, a pottery show, and Old Salem. My parents have also come back with tons of brochures from Edenton and Windsor. Apparently there are some cool old plantations that want me to visit.

Of course these visits also bring out the strange. I’ve learned much more about the history of pottery than I ever needed. I like pottery, I find some of it pretty and useful, but I don’t exactly care about all the origins over the last ten gazillion years. I admit to glazing over (no pun intended).

I definitely wasn’t expecting to ever, ever, ever see “The Shotgun Journal” on my television. At the point right before I needed to leave the room, they were discussing when to swap out one dog with another. Apparently one was better at flushing out the game than the other. At least I think that is what the super hick in the flannel hat was saying.

Then it got better. Did you know that there is a show called “American Loggers”? it takes place in Maine and follows this a family of loggers and people who drive logging trucks. Five of the siblings were born in five years. There is nothing else to do in that of the world. It is all about the wood. The accents, the dialogue, bad hair, and lots of snow. Oh give me Gary and the pottery people any day.

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