I’m Back…and a Little Blue

My posts have gotten very sporadic and for this I apologize. I think I have forgotten how to travel and be productive. Maybe its the incredible lack of sleep recently. Whatever it is, I am feeling less than inspired.

Late last week I was in Wisconsin for work. Since I needed to be there Friday for training and Monday for launch, I stayed the weekend. Those days were very interesting, and for the most part very good. Somehow in four days I fit in travel, work meetings, a new project launch, a county fair, delightful parent time, several dinners, a college graduation, an art fair, and lots and lots of four year-old time.

I plan to post all the pictures when I get access to them (not my camera), but in the meantime, I can talk about some of my nonsense time.

Michael and I are lucky to have a herd of nephews and a beautiful niece. One of the nephews lives next door to my parents, which means if you are in one of the houses, you are certain to have his company. Since I last saw him, he has evolved tremendously and is even funnier than he was before. I kid you not, this small person makes me want to be a parent. I have never met a child (and I said this even when he was a baby!), that makes me go, “hmmmm…I want one of these. This would make me a better person”.

I have considered ways of stealing him, and I even offered to buy him. Sadly, my brother and his dear wife love this child and want to keep him. Perhaps if he is still talking up a storm and having tantrums behind the couch in three months they might reconsider. I am hoping so. He would fit perfectly in our half-of-house.

In the meantime, I would like you to envision me running around my parent’s front yard playing “soccer” with a beach ball. We then moved on to countless games of “basketball” where we threw said ball into a tree. Then for some reason I was instructed to sit behind the tree with my eyes closed while my nephew sat on the other side. We were not allowed to speak. This was followed by a sneak attack around the house, pretend camping, and snack time. When asked what type of snack he wanted, he replied with, “I can have anything I want. Nana says”. I could use a few of those mindless activities at the moment.

The weekend is baring down upon us and I am optimistic that I will get out of my funk.I need some rainy days and a glass or two of wine on the front porch. I really need to feel awesome. As my darling nephew says, “I awesome, I so awesome”. Oh please, please, please….make me awesome.

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